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Magnetic mixing tank

The working principle:

Using the repulsion between the different poles of the magnetic material,we dricve the magnetc agitator by continuous changing the polarity of the magnetc base. Magnetc agitator from Zhejiang L&B is mainly GMP remoulded and designed for pharmaceutical, biotechnology and food industry. Excellent performance, reasonable structure, small size,  reliable use. Magnetc agitator compose of inner magnet and outer magnet, isolated sets, motor and other components,it is suitable for a variety of stainless steel reaction tanks.
Magnetic agitator from Zhejiang L&B are made from stainless steel 316L/304, it works by the working principle of permanent magnetic coupling ,to drive agitator shaft run. Welded static seal instead of dynamic mechanical seals, completely solved the drawbacks of mechanical seal which will be leaked.

Work characteristics

1. Applicable to all kinds of stainless steel reaction tank,medical solution mixing tank. Suitable for heating or heating with stirring simultaneously
2. Suitable for low viscoaity liquid or solid-liquid mixture,using the principle of magnetic field and vortex , when the base generates a magnetic field which  driven the stirring paddle make circular motion,so as to achieve the purpose of stirring liquid.
3.To make the uniform mixture and uniform temperature.
4. can form an absolutely closed space, more cleaner and more airtight, is good for heating ,to prevent bumping and leakage
5. Quicken the rate of reaction, or evaporation rate, shorten the time
6. Welded static containment shell dead seal instead of dynamic mechanical seals, completely solve the leakage problem of dynamic mechanical seal
7. simple structure, easy to dismantle,to make reaction uniform mixing, the temperature uniformity
8. The bottom equips agitator which can be used for stirring when the material is less, unique design of stirring blade which can be adapted to mix a variety of different media.
9. The magnetic stirrer generate vortex because of the impeller rotation, the soluble powder or liquid and is sucked into the suction vortex and impeller, as the centrifugal force of the impeller rotation,impeller diameter rush at to tank wall in the form of radiation .

10.After collision to the tank wall, the liquid rise to circle as the impluse Force,then go back to the suction side of the impeller.

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