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Single screw pump

Product introduction:

Single screw pump is a kind of volumetric type displacement pump.It can be used to transport neutral or corrosive liquids,clean or abrasive liquids,contains gas or prone to bubbles liquids,high viscosity or low viscosity liquids,including liquids containing both fibrous and solid materials,can work continuously for a long time and maintain a smooth flow,has a good self-priming ability.

G series of single screw pump widely used in:

1.Food industry:used to the transportation of wine,waste residue and the ingredients in the process of making wine in wine factory.
2.Textile industry:used to transport synthetic fiber solution,viscose fluid,dye,ink,nylon powder solution.
3.The paper industry:used to transport pulp black liquor.
4.The petroleum industry:used to transport varieties of oils and oil products as a ground gathering and transportation pump.
5.Chemical industry:used to transport various suspensions,latex solution,acid,base and salt solution.
6.Shipbuilding industry:used to transport residue,sweep cabin,sewage and seawater etc.
7.Construction industry:used to transport mortar and ash paste.
8.Nuclear industry:used to transport radioactive liquid with particles.
9.Metallurgy and mining industry:used to transport oxide,waste water,mine drainage and liquid explosives.
10.Sewage treatment plant:used to transport mud.
11.Power plant:used to transport coal-water slurry.

Design features of G series single screw pump:

1.Both ends of the connecting shaft are provided with a universal or refined universal joint,the pins and pin sets are made of special materials,thus its life has been greatly improved,its structure is simple and easy to disassemble.
2.Bushing on both sides of the package over the rubber,so that the connection with the inlet and outlet sealing reliable,thereby ensuring that the bushing body is not corroded.
3.Between the suction pipe and the bearing is equipped with a replaceable packing box,it can be used both for packing and mechanical sealing(can be different forms of seal replacement).


1.Simple structure,no special tools are required for quick disassembly.
2.Mechanical vibration,no pulsation,smooth movement.
3.Good self-priming performance,good inhalation performance.
4.Low noise,can be transported in reverse.
5.Can be transported with fiber and solid substances in the liquid.
6.Can transport very viscous media and all the media containing water.
7.In the negative pressure can also be transported under the gas-containing substances.

Technical characteristics

The maximum pressure of the pump body


Also take into account the allowable pressure of shaft seal.

Maximum output pressure



Maximum allowable vacuum


Depends on operating conditions,number of stages,direction of rotation and shaft seal.

Maximum permissible medium temperature


Depends on the media and the elastomeric material

Maximum viscosity


Depends on the media and the rotating speed and specifications of the pump

Maximum allowable solid content(volume)

60% by volume

Depends on the pump’s specification and the properties and size of the solids

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