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Twin screw pump


In the pharmaceutical, food, beverage, cosmetics, fine chemicals, and many other areas of industrial production and processing, often encounter transportation problems of high shear-sensitive products, , these products tend to have a high viscosity. Such as biological products, blood products, enzymes, yogurt, chocolate, meat, yeast solution, a variety of pulp, cosmetics and so on. For a long time, such as a variety of rotor pump, screw pump, biased peristaltic pump, gear pump, diaphragm pump, sine pump, piston pump etc, these pimps are designed for different processes and products , in industrial production practice ,there generally are common and poor compatibility, equipment use and maintenance costs are high, high energy consumption, overall investment costs and other defects and problems. Double screw pump can be widely applied to all kinds of viscosity materials, a variety of process conditions and production conditions of the transfer system, is the latest universal material feeding system.


•The direction of movement is the same as the flow direction of the material, so there is no damage or agitation to the material
• No crushing, shearing, or breaking of the material; it is possible to transport the complete particles
• High-speed rotation, the maximum speed can be up to 4000 r / min, it can use ordinary motor ,rather than reducer motor;
• There is no intermetallic contact, so there is no wear in the work and no need to change the rotor and stator with periodic replacement.
Unique dynamic rotary face seal , to ensure a higher and more stable vacuum in the pump chamber
• Carrying out CIP cleaning and CIP liquid return, even if there is gas, it does not produce water hammer effect, and can work normally and smoothly.
• Maximum outlet pressure can be up to 25 bar, especially for high viscosity and high concentration of material delivery

Structure Diagram:

1.Cavity screw  2.Cavity cover  3.cavity body  4.shaft nut  5.spiral head  6.shaft  7.main cavity screw     8.oil seal cover   9.oil seal housing  10.mechanical seal  11.gear box   12.Gear   13.inlet   14.outlet 

Product Parameter

Mounting Dimension:

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