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Bottom emulsifier

Equipment Introduction

Unique stator and rotor structure, resulting in superior shear, quickly reduce the droplet size, so that more stable emulsion, more uniform dispersion. Provide small test - pilot - large-scale production of a full range of products to meet different installation conditions and non-standard requirements.

Principle of equipment

High shear dispersive emulsification is the efficient, rapid, uniform distribution of one or more phases into the other continuous phase, and in general each phase is mutually incompatible. Due to the high tangential speed and high kinetic energy caused by the high-speed mechanical rotation, the material is subjected to strong mechanical and hydraulic shear, centrifugal extrusion, liquid layer friction and impact in the narrow gap between the stator and the rotor. Tearing and turbulence, so that the immiscible solid phase, liquid phase, gas phase in the appropriate mature technology and the right amount of additives under the action of instantaneous uniform fine dispersion emulsification, after high-frequency cycle, and finally get stable Of high-quality products.

Equipment Selection Table:

model capacity(L/H) power(KW) speed(RPM)
BRD-100 30-100L 2.2KW 2800
BRD-120 100-200L 3.0KW 2800
BRD-120A 100-300L 4.0KW 2800
BRD-140 300-600L 5.5KW 2800
BRD-140A 300-800L 7.5KW 2800
BRD-160 300-1000L 11KW 2800
BRD-160A 800-1300L 15KW 2800
BRD-180 800-1500L 18.5KW 2800
BRD-200 1000-2000L 22KW 1400
BRD-220 1500-2500L 30KW 1400
BRD-220A 1500-3500L 37KW 1400
BRD-240 1500-5000L 45KW 1400
BRD-270 3000-7000L 55KW 1400
BRD-290 7000-12000L 75KW 1400

* The upper limit of processing capacity in the table refers to the data measured when the medium is "water";
* If the medium viscosity or solid content is high, it is recommended with pipeline high shear dispersing emulsifier with the use;
* If high temperature, high pressure, flammable and explosive, corrosion and other special conditions, the need to provide detailed and accurate parameters;
* The data in this table are subject to change without notice, the correct parameters to provide the prevail in kind.

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