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Type III emulsifier

Equipment Introduction

Stable operation, low noise, easy to clean, flexible and can be used continuously. Unique set, rotor structure, high-speed line speed, produce strong shear, quickly reduce the droplet size, so that more stable emulsion, more uniform dispersion. To provide different specifications series of products, to meet different installation conditions and non-standard requirements.

Principle of equipment

High shear dispersive emulsification is the efficient, rapid, uniform distribution of one or more phases into the other continuous phase, and in general each phase is mutually incompatible. Due to the strong kinetic energy caused by the tangential velocity and angular velocity produced by the high-speed rotation of the rotor, the material is subjected to strong mechanical and hydraulic shear, centrifugal extrusion, liquid layer friction and impact in the gap between stator and rotor. Tearing and turbulence, so that the immiscible solid, liquid, gas phase in the appropriate mature technology and the right amount of additives under the action of instant uniform fine dispersion emulsification, after high-frequency cycle, and finally get stable Of high-quality products.
This pump is suitable for all kinds of pressure with the use of the environment.

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